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・General Properties of Fake Kick
・Countermeasure for Fake Kick

13・9 General Properties of Fake Kick
 In chapter 123, you might be greatly shocked to learn that High Throws at large advantage died by Fake Kick (See Supporting Information 3 in chapter 123).[1] You wouldn't get upset by the expected result: High Throws miss when the opponent is executing an attack (Figure 1323).[2] Somewhat surprisingly, however, Fake Kick is a formidable defensive technique since it allows the player to make a counterattack to the opponent being at Recovery Phase of the Throw.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1323

 Following the same setup, Player 2 chooses to do Beat & Back Knuckle P+KP (16 frames attacks) instead of High Throw (Figure 1324). Note that Beat & Back Knuckle results in normal hit with only 32 pts of damage: This principle also applies to Forward Kick 6_K (Jacky) as well as Death Scythe 6_K (Vanessa) canceling. Needless to say, Beat Knuckle P+K would have caused much more serious damages if it results in Recovery Counter Hit.[3]

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1324

 We need to describe about Fake Kick in more detail. In the figure blow, Player 2 performs 12 frames punch P to vanquish Fake Kick at 6 frames of advantage (Figure 1325, left). Intriguingly, it will counter hit Player 1 the last frame before the executing Tsukikaeshigeri K will be canceled (highlighted light blue). On the other hand, Spin Heel Sword 4K+G (20 frames attack) of Player 2 results in normal hit as Player 1 is at the last moment of canceling Tsukikaeshigeri (highlighted pink). The following diagram summarizes the above descriptions: The diagram above indicates that Fake Kick of Kage has 14 frames of Total Duration.[4]

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1325

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Diagram 136

 The knowledge of the Total Duration is one of essential way to be sure of the amount of advantage if you successfully evade High Throws. You already know that most of High Throws take a total of 34 frames,[2] and now you can calculate the amount of advantage:

 34 − Total frames of Fake Kick − Your disadvantage = Obtained advantage

 For example, when Player 1 has just had Nakageri 3K blocked and is at a disadvantage of 6 frames, Player 2 tries Dragon Grapple P+G (adding n-FGE insurance against follow-up[5]) and Player 1 performs Fake Kick successfully (Figure 1326). Player 1 will have:

 34 – 14 – 6 = 14 frames of advantage

 This is a massive amount of advantage giving Player 2 a number of guaranteed counter attacks. In this situation, an attack that executes in 14 frames or less is guaranteed to hit. In the figure below, Player 1 follows up with Rasen Urageri 4PK, a 13 frames attack, to score a guaranteed Recovery Counter Hit.[6]

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1326

 To gain a deeper understanding of the problem of Fake Kick, you are referred to Table 131 shown below.[7] See also chapter 15[8] if you want to put the knowledge to practical use. Anyway, Fake Kick is a formidable defensive technique in the position of advantaged player 2ʼs viewpoints. The key note is that:

It would be wise of you to consider whether to do Throws or not if the opponent could return the attack by using Fake Kick.

 Table 131. See also Supporting Video by Tricky Eileen[9]
バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略

13・10 Countermeasure for Fake Kick
 It seems likely that traditional 2-choice offense is largely impotent against the Fake Kick. How should we treat the advantage if we take the opposite point of view? To acquire significant results by devising countermeasure for defensive techniques which are used with high frequency, you should turn this difficult situation into an opportunity for damage sources development.

 Fake Kick would be connected by delayed High Throws[10] as well as Catch Throws (Figure 1327). Especially, at large advantage, nothing gives us greater confidence than exceptional power of Catch Throws.[11]

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1327

 With Figure 1324 in mind, a good answer would be some elected attacks capable of expecting a sufficient result in a normal hit situation.[12] To demonstrate, at 6 frames advantage, Player 1 attempts Body Blow into Rage of Dragons, 3P+K (during hit) P+G, against Fake Kick of Player 2: The Hit Throw[13] of Player 1 will probably meet your expectations (Figure 1328). It is also worthwhile to note that Body Blow would vanquish 12 frames punch of Player 2 in this scenario.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1328

 Alternatively, Guard Break Attacks[1] would demonstrate exceptional power if Player 2 acquires an art of 'the check of the situation' (Figure 1329). Hit Confirms[14] is the subject in chapter 23.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1329

 As chapter 112 explained,[15] we had better elect the most effective technique to vanquish opponent's defensive techniques. if you choose a few offensive techniques, it would be inefficient because the extra choice will increase the condition of being contrary to our forecasts.

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