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・General Properties of Side Kicks
・Side Kicks with Follow-up Attacks

 In the previous two chapters, we have mainly focused on important matters related to Fuzzy Guarding. The reason is because the most common cause of difficulty with Virtua Fighter has always been defensive techniques that avoid 2-Choice Offence. You might well think that it is very difficult to completely solve all of these. However, there is no need to be unnecessarily anxious about the technique. A rationalized mental attitude would be that you had better not attack directly in Fuzzy Guarding situation, but wait for a chance to achieve 2-Choice Offence. There are much more critical points in Final Showdown.

 The one of the most prominent opportunity would be available at 6 frames or better, because there are no simple technique to defend against both a mid attack and a fast throw. Here, you have to confirm whether it is possible to force the opponent to choose between two alternatives. As mentioned in chapter 4, it would be better to block the opponent's attack than to attack from disadvantage in blind acceptance.[1] Taking these issues into account, in this chapter, we describe High Throws at large advantage caused by guarding.

13・1 General Properties of Side Kicks
 As a brief discussion, we shall start from blocked Side Kicks which generally results in 6 frames of advantage.[2,3] A subtle but important point needs to be made about Side Kicks and Mid Kicks. Even though both are kick attacks that hit in the middle region, the game engine distinguishes between these two classes.

 Generally speaking, Side Kicks are long protruding kick attacks where the foot impacts the mid region (Figure 131, left). Most character's 3K is a Side Kick class attack. Again note that Side Kicks will increase frame advantages when they hit the opponent at crouching state (guarding or not).[2] On the other hand, Mid Kicks are usually any other middle hitting Kick attack where the foot may sweep across the mid region vertically, but not necessarily stop or impact there. An example of this is Jacky's High Angle Kick 6K which has his foot sweeping in an upward direction, kicking through the mid section (Figure 131, right).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 131

 Changes to the movement system remarkably improve the value of Side Kicks. Here is an example: In Final Showdown, Backward Dashing is faster, and more effective at evading the opponent's attacks.[4]


 On the flipside, all moves that hit during Backward Dashing will be considered counter hit. Furthermore, if the move is a Side Kick, a stagger[5] is induced as the opponent falls down backwards and slowly gets back up to their feet (Figure 132. See also Supporting Video).[6,7] You will see the exceptions and another utility of Side Kicks in a later chapter.[8]

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 132

13・2 Side Kicks with Follow-up Attacks
 The figure below has Player 1 advantaged by 6 frames due to guarding of Player 2's Middle Kick 3K (Figure 133). Subsequently, Player 1 performs Houko Kizan P+G against Fuzzy Guarding of Player 2. As you already know, the Throw would connect Player 2 before transition to a crouching state (Diagram 131. highlighted pink).[9]

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 133

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Diagram 131

 Following the same setup, Player 2 chooses to do a follow-up attack (namely Middle Kick-Jab 3KP) instead of Fuzzy Guarding (Figure 134). As you can see, the follow-up attack results in a counter hit, and then Middle Kick-Jab-Low-High Kick 3KP2KK should be guaranteed (click here if you want to see Supporting Information 1).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 134

 In contrast to attacks from disadvantage (e.g. High Angle Kick, click here if you want to see Supporting Information 2) of Player 2, the follow-up attack (Middle Kick-Jab) could vanquish all of Player 1's mid attacks as well as throws. Note that low punch 2P would crouch under the follow-up attack, 3KP, and result in Recovery Counter Hit[10] because Middle Kick-Jab classified into High Attacks[11] (Figure 135).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 135

 In the Figure 136, Player 2 performs Backward Dashing to evade low punch and then enters Middle Smash Sword 6PK as guaranteed attacks. Somewhat surprisingly, Backward Dashing allows Player 2 to avoid High Throws even at the large disadvantage (click here if you want to see Supporting Information 3).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 136

 Now, Player 1 chooses Side Kicks against Player 2’s Backward Dashing, which gives a bumdown stagger (Figure 137. See also section 13・1). While Player 2 can struggle to reduce the stagger time, a Back Dash Counter Hit presents a huge advantage from which Player 1 can connect a launcher that is practically guaranteed. The main thing the attacker needs to be wary of is the great distance between them and the opponent, so launchers that are effective from long range are ideal in this case. Otherwise, valuable time may be lost in dashing in to close the gap.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 137

 It is reasonable enough to ask why Player 2 hesitates to elect Defensive Moves.[8] Indeed, Defensive Moves would allow Player 2 to evade Player 1’s low punch (cf. Figure 135) as well as Side Kick (cf. Figure 137). Probably, with a grim determination, Player 1 elected High Throw as the first choice (Figure 133), which would discourage Player 2 to do Defensive Moves. The most important message in this chapter is that:

'High Throws at Large Advantage' is strongly required for restricting the scope of the opponent's action.

 Again, you might worry about to do throw in the situation of blocking Jacky's Side Kick. However, Player 2 had to choose High Angle Kick against Throws of Player 1 if Side Kick does not equip follow-up attacks. Needless to say, High Angle Kick would have caused much more serious damages compared to follow-up attacks (cf. Supporting Information 1). Please be reassured: A measure taken to preserve safety is the subject of the next section.

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