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・Ideal Distance for High Throws
・Foot Stance: Application to Throw

10・5 Ideal Distance for High Throws
 The 'ideal distance for High Throws’ has been proven to be an important concept since Virtua Fighter 2 (since 1994). In Final Showdown, High Throws should be performed in close proximity to the opponent. As shown in Figure 106, the ideal distance for High Throws (yellow arrow) is detected according to the gap between both waists (red blobs).[1] Note that this arrow reveals the peculiar distance of Akira: Each character has a unique distance for High Throws. In addition, depending on one's Throws, the character has a variety of ranges to connect the opponent.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 106[2]

 Have you ever had experience in which you feel the distance to be able to throw the opponent, is slightly short? The distance (shown as yellow arrow) between Akira and Kage (Figures 107. left) is the same compared with that shown in Figures 106. However, the gap between both waist (from red blob to blue blod) is still far from the ideal distance of Akira's throw.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 10[2]

 The actual distance to throw each character has been shown in Figures 108. You will probably be surprised to see the figure, in which Akira is trying to shake hand with Kage.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 108[2]

 In contrast, you should perceive the distance to be able to throw Blaze is slightly wide (Figure 109). At first this looks too far to throw but the distance (yellow arrow) between Akira and Blaze is the same one shown in Figure 106.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 109[2]

 A dramatic example occurs when Player 2 is recovering from a missed Attack (standing state) or Throw attempt. In the example below, Player 1 successfully evades Player 2’s High Attack with crouching (Figure 1010). The distance (yellow arrow) between Akira and Kage (Figure 1010. left) is the same as was with the case mentioned above (Figure 108. left). However, if Player 2’s High Attack whiff Player 1, the gap between both waist (from one red blob to another red blob) would be the ideal distance of Akira's throw. hence, Player 1’s High Throws could connect an awkward opponent, like Kage.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1010[2]

10・6 Foot Stance: Application to Throw
 Have you ever had experience in which High Throws fails miserably though you are close enough to say hello? As mentioned in chapter 9, it would be a problem with foot stance![3] In all examples demonstrated above, both Player 1 and 2 have their left foot forward and right foot back, namely Closed Stance. It is worthy to note that in Open Stance, feet protruding forward often prohibit access concertedly.

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[1] D.K.のVF5通信, 第46回: ttp://
[2] The figure is excerpted from 'D.K.のVF5通信'.
[3] Foot Stance

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