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・Difference between SFG and FGC
・Reevaluating Backward Crouch Dashing
・Difference between Catch Throws and Guard Break Attacks
・What the Rest of This Chapter

12・11 Difference between SFG and FGC
 As mentioned in previous sections, there are two ways to avoid Catch Throws: Namely, sensuous fuzzy guarding[1,2] and fuzzy guarding followed by crouching.[3] In either of both cases, you have to perform accurate input operations at proper timing. Well, then, your efforts would be crowned with neutralizing 2-Choice Offence which even contains Catch Throws. Now you had better to recognize the difference between SFG and FGC in an attempt to use these defensive techniques more effectively.

 You are requested to recall that 17 frames attack made a mess of ideal command input for FGC (See also Figure 1228 and Diagram 1210). In contrast, it would be worthwhile to note that SFG applies in principle to all of Mid Attacks (Figure 1229).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1229

 We promised in section 12・4 that an effective use of Catch Throws with the slow execution would appear, and here it is.[4] In Figure 1230, Player 1 is at 4 frames disadvantage and then attempts SFG against Standing Shining Wizard 9P+G (25 frames Catch Throw).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1230

 SFG allows the player to maintain crouching state within holding the joystick in the down direction. However, the player should return the stick to neutral position 5 by 4th frame after inability time in order to block elbow class attack (See also Diagram 116, click here). Therefore, SFG would be broken by Guard Break Attacks as well as slow Catch Throws. The essential conditions for SFG are as follows:

SFG defend from:
・High Throws
・All of Mid Attacks
・Catch Throws with the fast execution

SFG miss:
・Low Throws
・Guard Break Attacks
・Catch Throws with the slow execution (more than 19 frames)

 Following the same setup, Player 1 chooses fuzzy guarding followed by crouching instead (Figure 1231). As expected, Standing Shining Wizard of Player 2 failed and Youhou 33P was guaranteed on the recovery phase of Catch Throw.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1231

 As described earlier, a good answer would be to use slow Mid Attacks against FGC if you are in the position of Player 2. Notice that these two defensive technique SFG and FGC, are complementary methods. The essential conditions for FGC are as follows:

FGC defend from:
・High Throws
・Mid Attacks with the fast execution
・All of Catch Throws
・Guard Break Attacks (the sole exception is Akira’s Kaiko 6P+K+G)

FGC miss:
・Low Throws
・Mid Attacks with the slow execution (more than 17 frames)

 If you are in Player 1’s place, you have to cope with a difficult problem consisting of two separate issues, slow Mid Attacks and slow Catch Throws. Moreover, as was mentioned in chapter 112, Low Throws can catch the player who performs Fuzzy Guarding.[5]

 Attentive readers here already know that attacks from a disadvantage in frame (Abare in Japanese) will be the choice of defensive technique.[6] In this scenario, the use of 12 frames punch P from disadvantage is strongly required if you have to vanquish opponent’s set-up using slow Attacks and Catch Throws (Figure 1232).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1232. Player 2 performs 1-frame delayed Heavy Toe Kick 44K+G (17, 16 + 1, frames attack).

12・12 Reevaluating Backward Crouch Dashing
 So far, we had focused on defensive techniques by means of forward crouch dashing, FCD. On the other hand, reevaluating backward crouch dashing, BCD,[7] sometimes does much to avoid 2-Choice Offence in unusual circumstances. In the Figure below, Player 1 is at −6 frames due to block Sokutan Senshu 6K of Player 2 (Figure 1233). To demonstrate the utility, Player 1 has performed BCD against 2-Choice Offence composed of Mid Attack and Catch Trow. As you can see, in any case, Player 1 would obtain the opportunity for Guaranteed Attacks.[8]

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1233. left: Sokutan Senshu, Choukarou K. right: Suisen Toushu Sougeki, Choukarou P+G.

 This defensive technique might be applied to Guard Break Attacks as well. If Player 1 has been hit by Player 2’s Hou'ou Soushou−Kokei 6PPP+K+G, Player 1 is at a disadvantage of 3 frames (Figure 1234). Gratifyingly, BCD would allow Player 1 to avoid Player 2’s 2-Choice Offence composed of Mid Attack and Guard Break Attack.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1234. left: Rouko Kensou, Kokei 3P. right: Kosou Gekishou, Kokei 6P+K.

 Note that, in these examples above, the success of BCD would not depend on Foot Stance.[9] You are referred to ‘VF5FSレタスメモ (Ed., Lettuce)’ for a much more detailed analysis.[10,11]

12・13 Difference between Catch Throws and Guard Break Attacks
 The most important difference between (Catch) Throws and Guard Break Attacks is that GBA, a kind of attacks, would miss when the opponent is evading[12] (an exception. See below: section 12・14). For example, when Player 2 tries Lau’s Geimen Tansou 6P+K+G (44 frames of Total Duration[13]) at 5 frames advantage and Player 1 performs Successful Defensive Move, Player 1 will have 16 frames of advantage (Figure 1235): The calculation of the amount of advantage will be mentioned in chapter 31.[12]

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1235. In Free Training mode, the Advantage after a successful DM is never displayed. The the figure above, the −5 frames displayed is from the guarded Middle Smash 6P in the first frame.

 This is a massive amount of advantage giving a number of Jacky’s guaranteed counter attacks.[14] In this situation, an attack that executes in 16 frames or less is guaranteed to hit. In the figure above, Player 1 follows up with Beat Knuckle P+K to score a guaranteed Recovery Counter Hit. The most important message in this chapter is that:

GBA generally has a long Total Duration, so you can reap huge rewards by Successful Defensive Move.

 In this connection, you will see the ultimate defensive technique against GBA in a later chapter.[15]

12・14 What the Rest of This Chapter
 We would like to conclude this chapter by mentioning the exception of GBA: It is the Jumping Wall Attack.[16] Wall Attacks are performed by entering 6P+K+G (facing wall), and they are classified into Mid Full Circular Attacks[12] (Figure 1236).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1236

 Amazingly, some Wall Attacks would contain a detection withdrawing into the background and might vanquish variety of attacks (Figure 1237). In this situation, careful and sensible choice of attack is strongly required (click here if you want to see Supporting Information). You are referred to ‘VF5FSレタスメモ (Ed., Lettuce)’ for a much more detailed analysis.[17]

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1237

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