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・Advanced Input for Fuzzy Guarding: Sensuous Fuzzy Guarding
・Side Turned Crouching

11・6 Advanced Input for Fuzzy Guarding: Sensuous Fuzzy Guarding
 In the section 11・2[1], you might think that all the practice up until now will be wasted. Please don't be disappointed in that. The figure below has Player 1 disadvantaged by 4 frames due to blocking Jouho Touken 6P (Figure 119). Player 1 then attempts Fuzzy Guarding to avoid both Player 2's mix-up composed of High Throws and Mid Strikes. However, this challenge would be a failure because Player 2 equips 17 frames throw, 1frame delayed Burning Hammer[2] (Diagram 115).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 119

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Diagram 115

 The attempt will go well if Player 1 returns to the place where he was before: Player 1 has to hold 2nd 3 and then return to neutral 5 at a proper timing (Sensuous Fuzzy Guarding: See Diagram 116). Needless to say, neutral 5 should be entered until 13th frame (highlighted light blue) to block mid attacks, i.e. elbow.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Diagram 116

 You might feel that Sensuous Fuzzy Guarding is not particularly necessary. Indeed, some other defensive techniques substitute for Sensuous Fuzzy Guarding in various situations. However, considering that Player 2 (Wolf) also equips Catch 46P+G, Sensuous Fuzzy Guarding would help us avoid a troublesome situation. The Catch Throw is the subject in the next chapter.[3] Anyway, Fuzzy Guarding can be combined with a wide variety of other defensive techniques mentioned in later chapters. The key note is that:

in Final Showdown, the skill of counting the proper timing will help you.

11・7 Side Turned Crouching
 The remaining style is side hit and guard. After recovery phase of side hit or guard, the player exposes side for 12 frames period.[4] At 4 frames advantage, Player 1 perfomed 16 frames attack, Satei 3K+G, against Player 2's 12 frames punch P (Figure 1110). As expected, Player 1's Satei hits Player 2 in side: frames advantege + 12 frames = up to 16 frames attack hits the opponent in side, click here if you want to see Supporting Information). You should be careful when eye pokes (e.gJackey’s Bil Jee 6P+K) result in hit onto a side turned situation. As expected, eye pokes would yield frame bonus advantages (See also section 4・2[5]), but the player would be able to face forward immediately.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1110: click here if you want to see follow-up combo.

 In addition, after recovery phase, the player would be forced to be defenseless for 3 frames: the player cannot elect guarding, evading, dashing, moving, Reversal and Inashi. Thus, forward crouch dashing takes 8 frames to crouch from standing so natural crouching is actually 1 frame faster than FCD. Note that the player cannot avoid High Throws with crouching even if you are at −4 frames on a side turned situation (Figure 1111: See also the video, click here)

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1111

 When you have, for example, −9 frames on a side hit (not guard) situation, 12 (9 + 3) frames attack will connect if you simply attempt to standing guard (Figure 1112).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1112

 It will be worthwhile to try natural crouching (section 11・1[1]) during the forced 3 frames (Side Turned Crouching). As a recognition, you are requested to see Figure 1113 in which Player 1 performs natural crouching against Player 2’s 12 frames punch P at the indicated disadvantage. Side Turned Crouching can be combined with Throw Escapes mentioned in later chapters (Side Fuzzy Guarding).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1113

 Following the same setup, Player 2 now chooses 2P instead, and the attack will connect even though Player 1 attempt to crouching guard (Figure 1114). You would find that it was likely to prove a very tragical sight in the video below.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1114


 You already know that some selected attacks with crouching detection (e.g. Blaze’s 46P[6]) or air detection (e.g. Lion’s Senputai 8K[7]) would evade Player 2's 12 frames punch (P or 2P) as well as High Throws (Figures 1115 and 1116).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1115

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 1116

VFDC Forums
Fuzzy Guarding: ttp://
Crouch Dash Fuzzy Option Select: ttp://

[1] Fuzzy Guarding 1
[2] General Properties of Throw 1
[3] Catch Throws and Guard Break Attacks 1
[4] VF5FSレタスメモ: ttp://
[5] Advantage and Disadvantage
[6] Attack Levels 1
[7] Attack Levels 2

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