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・General Properties of Crouching State
・Fuzzy Guarding in Final Showdown
・Fuzzy Guarding as a Virtua Fighter Term

 One of the most important technique, Fuzzy Guard, had been established even in Virtua Fighter 2 (since 1994). We described that High Throws would miss if the opponent is crouching state.[1,2]

11・1 General Properties of Crouching State
 In chapter 61, we mentioned an important concept: you can change your state from standing to crouching over in just 1 frame if you are faced with opponent's Attack.[2] In Final Showdown, this rule applies to crouch dashing. However, when you are faced with opponent's High Throws, this property will change completely.

Natural crouching
 The simplest way to crouch from standing state is by holding 1, 2 or 3. This method of crouching requires 7 frames for a character to be considered crouching state. In Final Showdown, High Throws execute in 10 frames (with some exceptions[1]). Thus, you are able to avoid an opponent's High Throws at up to −3 frames by simply crouching (Figure 111. See also chapter 7, section 7・4[3]).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 111

Crouch Dashing
 A dash that recovers in a crouch position can be performed by 33 (forward crouch dashing, FCD) or 11 (backward crouch dashing, BCD). FCD takes 5 frames to crouching from standing state, while BCD takes 6 frames to crouch from standing. Therefore, you can avoid an opponent's High Throws at up to −5 frames by FCD (Figure 112 click here if you want to see Supporting Information 1). Exceptionally, a FCD of Taka takes 6 frames to crouch from standing. Notice that FCD involves 6 frames of inability time to act (Diagram 11click here if you want to see Supporting Information 2. See also section 6・4[4]). You are referred to ‘VF5FSレタスメモ (Ed., Lettuce)’ for a much more detailed analysis of Crouch Dashing.[5]

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 112

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Diagram 111

11・2 Fuzzy Guarding in Final Showdown
 An excellent application of these two crouching in the last section is the subject of this chapter. Fuzzy Guard[6] is a technique that allows a player to duck a high throw while standing in time to block a mid attack.

 The most basic form should be performed as follows: while holding G, momentarily hold 1, 2 or 3 (Natural crouching mentioned above, section 11・1) and then return to neutral (up to 3 frames disadvantage: Figure 113).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 113

 Further improving the performance of Fuzzy Guarding would be achieved by using FCD (command input: 33). You can avoid both high throws and mid attack even at 5 frames disadvantage (Figure 114 and Diagram 112 click here if you want to see Supporting Information 1).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 114

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Diagram 112

 In the previous version of Virtua Fighter, Fuzzy Guarding with FCD was extremely difficult because you had to return neutral 5 and tap G at a proper timing. Gratifyingly, the revision on the execution of High Throws proves a great boon if you perform Fuzzy Guarding at 4 or 5 frames disadvantage. You have to awaken an important concept of inability time mentioned above (Diagram 113).

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Diagram 113

 Hence, all you have to do is to input FCD commands 33 during Input Buffer,[7] and then to enter G within the inability time. You can actually practice Fuzzy Guarding using Xbox360 or PS3 (chapter 14).[8] The most important message in this chapter is that:

The rule of Fuzzy Guarding has been simplified in Final Showdown, so you had better confirm the system once again.

 You may recall from chapter 101[1] that Wolf has an exceptional High Throw, Spinebuster 6P+G. This 9 frames throw would connect Player 1 in this scenario (Figure 115). An absolute solution to this problem, Fuzzy Guarding Throw Escape, will be introduced in chapter 17,[9] so you have no cause for worry.

バーチャファイター VF5FS攻略
 Figure 115

11・3 Fuzzy Guarding as a Virtua Fighter Term
 A term 'Kusshin, bending and stretching' originally meant only 'high-speed repetitive crouch-dashing'. However, in recent years, the term 'Kusshin' indicates Fuzzy Guarding. This is a wrong use of the word, but sanctioned by usage.

VFDC Forums
Fuzzy Guarding: ttp://
Crouch Dash Fuzzy Option Select: ttp://

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