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・ Example of Practical Inputs
・ What the Rest of This Chapter

 Over the last four sections, we introduced top tips for command input. You shall find some new principles but you should focus on practical examples of command inputs. You are referred to 'VF Moves Project (Ed., Akai)' for detailed analysis of attacks in this chapter.[1]

5・6 Example of Practical Inputs(入力の実践)
 A dramatic example occurs in the last stage of the production of the following Akira’s Combo 51 (developed by Kan).[2]

 Combo 51*
*Everything in this movie was performed by hand operation without the use of "Tool-Assistance." You are requested to click the figure, which help you to check command input.

 Byakko Soushouda 1146P[3] starts executing in the fastest time possible, which is as soon as the P (marked red in Combo 51) has finished recovering. As mentioned in section 5・4,[4] the initial 1 (marked red in Diagram 516) motion for Byakko Soushouda is earlier than 12 frames before the P recovery ends. In addition, the 2nd 1 (marked blue in Diagram 516) for imaginary crouching state should be in the period of Input Buffer,[5] so 146P was entered during 12 frames of the end of recovery.[6]

 Diagram 516

 You may have noticed something else. The example above still contains important two points. In the first place, 6_P (chapter 1, Figure 13: click here),[7] longer reach punch compared to 5P, generally give good results. In the next place, Akira has a two hit string that is Hachimon Kaida PP.[1] Now you wanted to only do the first P and then follow it with Byakko Soushouda 1146P. It seems likely that you could either wait after the first for the string input window to expire, and then enter P for Byakko Soushouda. However, this method for input might interrupt your combo as Byakko Soushouda must start executing in the fastest time possible.

 This issue shall be easily resolved by using Guard Cancelling strings.[8] You can hit G to cancel your strings (See also Figure 512: click here).[4] The extra G will command considerable attention if you see Combo 51 once again. You have to press G (to avoid Hachimon Kaida PP) after the first P and immediately enter P of Byakko Soushouda command afterwards (Diagram 516). By inputting this way, you ensure that no time is wasted between the first attack expiring, and second attack commencing. Needless to say, the use of Guard Cancelling after Kaikyusei 4P is preferred as Akira has a string, Sayu Kaikyu 4PP.

5・7 What the Rest of This Chapter
 Another novel utilization of Guard Cancelling (developed by Kan)[9] has been demonstrated in several combos (such as Akiraʼs Combo 52). Although detailed mechanism has not been identified yet, it is believed that the extra G (click here) plays a type of the frames delay (section 5・4).[10] You are referred to ʻkanブログ (Ed., Kan)ʼ for a much more detailed analysis.[9] The key message here is that:

Guard Cancelling, a top tip of command input, would help you in a variety of situations.

 Combo 52*
*11P+K+G affords 1-F delay 2P (See the section 5・4[10] and chapter 2[11]).

Commentary on Combo 5−1 and 2

VFDC Forums
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