The position of importance is not change though now that 20 years have passed since Virtua Fighter 1. The strategy of 2-Alternative Forced Choice based on frames[1] has been the essential and basic part.[2]

 The 2AFC describes a situation in which you have enough advantage in frames to force the opponent to choose between two alternatives. In other words, a forced choice is available at 6 frames or better,[3] because there are no simple technique to defend against both a Mid Attack and a fast Throw.[4] On the other hand, it seems likely that traditional 2-Choice Offense is largely impotent against the Fuzzy Guarding at small advantage. How should we treat the small advantage? Representative countermeasures are shown below:

 1. Catch Throws, Guard Break Attacks,[5] Hit Throws (Kage, Gen'you Otoshi: 4K+G_P+G. etc)[6] 

 2. Low Throws[7] 

 3. Low Attacks[8] 

 4. Delayed 2-Choice Offence[5] 

 It is essential that we pay attention to the Delayed 2-Choice Offence (action 4). You might have an experience in which countermeasures against Fuzzy Guarding fell an easy prey to Abare (attacks from disadvantage) Player without fear or hesitation.

 Indeed, Fuzzy Guarding will be thwarted if you slightly delays the throw attempt rather than doing it at the earliest possible moment. However, a delayed Mid Attacks (as well as a Throw) would make you vulnerable to opponent’s Abare.

A Biting Aphorism: Fuudo, a top Virtua Fighter

 Of course we should be able to do actions based on frames, but this is not all. The extremely exceptional measures (throw from disadvantage, delayed actions, guarding at large advantage, etc.) are required to vanquish the opponent's choices that depend on highly advanced techniques.

 All that he says is perfectly correct. However, the most important message would be “we should be able to do actions based on frames.”[9] However, it seems likely that many intermediate players haven't achieved the essential things. If a player would neglect 2AFC based on classical techniques, he could not make himself steady against intermediate while he might win senior accidentally. We have to maintain a proper balance between development and conservation.

A Biting Aphorism: ItabashiZangief, a top Virtua Fighter

 As progress, you will see various troublesome defensive techniques, but 3-Alternative Forced Choice (composed of Mid Attacks, High Throws and Guard Break Attacks) is appreciated on even the highest level of top-class players. The 3rd choice would be the position to add the missing parts of the 2AFC.[10]

 All of senior players are requested to perform exceptional measures as the 3rd choice, but there would be multiple advanced techniques as a candidate. You have to know how to choose the most efficient technique under the certain conditions. Let's start again by using the character who has a natural 3rd choice if your results are stagnating.

 For beginners: Jean, Blaze, Goh, Lion*1, *2

 ・For intermediate level players: Akira, Wolf*2

 *1 These character equip supplementary defense tool.
 *2 Slow Mid Attacks, especially of Hit Throws, are one of the most effective countermeasures.[11] 

 The list above should be used only as a guideline in order to acquire necessary knowledge or a technique. There is, if any, little difference among character in Virtua Fighter. There are many ways to become experts, but the most straightforward is that the precious character will be with you, always.

A Biting Aphorism: Kumicho, a top Virtua Fighter

 When I realized it, I devoted myself mindedly to Wolf for 15 years. Jack of all trades and master of none. 

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